CanVS Macros Save You from Carpal Tunnel?

I am currently writing my ASP.Net pages in VB.Net since my client comes from the ASP/VBScript tradition and the VB syntax is more familiar to them. It hasn’t taken long for me to miss the terse syntax of C#, especially since I have mild tendonitus and typing all those End X is killing me. Properties are the worst. Even though VS.Net will complete properties that you start in VB, you still have to write one line for each to get them started. So I looked to the web for a solution to this problem, and low and behold, I found this great article by Scott Mitchelle on using VS.Net macros to write properties.

I took this concept and expanded it by writing a macro that will write the property shells for all the private member reocords you have selected. Click here to download the macro.