CSS Tabs Made Easy

There’s a lot of web standards-based css tab menus out there, but I have to say I’m pleased with this one by Ian Andolina because it dropped into my application and worked right away. It took me just a couple of minutes to change the font and coloring, but other than that, it was a […]

Web-Based Productivity Tools

This post goes out to my friends Brian and Jeremy who endured a lengthy discussion with me last night about web-based productivity tools. It’s also a follow up to my earlier post on Web-Based Project Management Tools. First thanks to Jeremy who told me about Google Notebook, which allows you to copy text and images […]

Virtual (and Free) Visaul Basic.Net Programmer's Cookbook

This is a very useful reference because of the problem/solution format that it employs to present the Visual Basic.Net language. However, I’m waiting for Microsoft Press to re-publish it for VB.Net 2005 before I buy a copy. Until then, I’ve discovered that you can download the complete source code for all examples in the book […]

Storing Passwords in a Database

We all know that you should take some steps to obsfusicate passwords stored in the database so that they are not exposed to users with read access to the table that they are stored in. This Ask Tom post gives straightforward examples of how to obsfusicate passwords stored in an Oracle database either by encryption […]

Implementing Dispose()

A best practice when you create a classthat uses unmanaged resources is to implement the Dispose() method of the IDisposable interface. Even if your class is not using unmanaged resources directly but contains members that do (i.e. ADO.Net objects), it’s a good idea to implement Dispose() to call Dispose() on those members. In order to […]