Convert GIS Data Files to GeoRSS Format

Since my last post on the topic of adding polygon data to your VirtualEarth map, VE has released not one, but two versions of the API. Starting with version 5 you are now able to add a layer containing polygon and line features to your map via a GeoRSS feed. Pretty cool.

Now the hard part becomes getting your GIS data in GeoRSS format, and that is where the GeoFeeder from BrightiSolutions comes in. It’s a desktop application that reads many types of GIS data (including ESRI Shapefile) and outputs the features in a GeoRSS file format. Check out the demo to see how you can customize the output.
Unfortunately it’s not free, but it could well be worth the $95 license if you don’t have the time to write your own code to converting your GIS data to a GeoRSS file.