Getting to Know the ArcGIS Online Platform

A few of the sessions at the 2013 Esri Developer Summit got me interested in learning more about how I could utilize some of the new features of ArcGIS Online to help me build web mapping applications. As a developer, my instinct is to approach each new application with a blank page in SublimeText and […]

Convert GIS Data Files to GeoRSS Format

Since my last post on the topic of adding polygon data to your VirtualEarth map, VE has released not one, but two versions of the API. Starting with version 5 you are now able to add a layer containing polygon and line features to your map via a GeoRSS feed. Pretty cool. Now the hard […]

Geocoding without GIS Software

I can’t believe this blog has been up for 5 months, and I haven’t posted anything about GIS – since I come from a GIS programming background. It is even more telling that this post is about how to get around using GIS software by using ASP.Net, SQL Server, and the Google API to geocode […]