In my former professional life, I used to do a lot of .Net development, mostly ASP.Net development focussed on whatever alternative to WebForms was available at that time – e.g. ASP.Net MVP (remember that?), ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net Web Pages.

These days, however, I’m primarily a JavaScript developer and it’s been years since I’ve written any .Net code. At Esri I get to focus on front-end web development, and if I’m developing on the server it’s in Node.js. To quote David Spriggs as he was musing about Node and GitHub, “we’re lucky to be alive at this point in history.”

So, I’ve finally decided to shut down my windows hosting account. As a consequence,, my old showcase of .Net projects that I had worked on, is gone. I’ve redirected that domain to this page, but you probably already know that don’t you?

Below are links about some of the more interesting projects that were on that site.

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