Slide Show

My client, Terra Nova Pools, wanted to add a new page to their site that would display a looping slide show of before and after pictures of their clients’ pools. I decided to implement this page using this solution that relies on the javascript library to fade a series of div tags in and […]

CSS Tabs Made Easy

There’s a lot of web standards-based css tab menus out there, but I have to say I’m pleased with this one by Ian Andolina because it dropped into my application and worked right away. It took me just a couple of minutes to change the font and coloring, but other than that, it was a […]


I’ve been looking for a reliable CSS horizontal list to replace single row tables for layout of things like navigation menus. So far, though, I haven’t trusted a lot of the ones I’ve seen on the web to work in most browsers. That is, until I found Listmaniac’s browser support chart, which identifies browser compliance […]

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CSS Positioning – Return of the Browser Wars?

A la A List Apart, I have been updating my presentation layer coding techniques to be compliant with modern XHTML and CSS standards. While I can certainly appreciate that adhering to these standards results in cleaner code that is easier to maintain, I have found that where element posisitioning is concerned I end up mired […]