CSS Positioning – Return of the Browser Wars?

A la A List Apart, I have been updating my presentation layer coding techniques to be compliant with modern XHTML and CSS standards. While I can certainly appreciate that adhering to these standards results in cleaner code that is easier to maintain, I have found that where element posisitioning is concerned I end up mired […]

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CanVS Macros Save You from Carpal Tunnel?

I am currently writing my ASP.Net pages in VB.Net since my client comes from the ASP/VBScript tradition and the VB syntax is more familiar to them. It hasn’t taken long for me to miss the terse syntax of C#, especially since I have mild tendonitus and typing all those End X is killing me. Properties […]

Page not found

The Perfect 404 describes how to let your users know in a friendly way that they’ve found a broken link on your site and includes some good tips on what to do and what not to do when crafting your custom 404 page. Another useful resource is this list of all HTTP error codes and […]

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"Tech" PodCasts

I’m surprised how hard it is to find a good tech PodCast that talks about coding and best practices. I stumbled upon Craig Shoemaker’s Polymorphic PodCast first, and haven’t found anything that comes close to the quality of its content since. I think his show should make it somewhere higher thank #27 on Podcast Alley’s […]

Trimming down that ViewState

I’m developing an ASP.Net site for a client that is very concerned about bandwidth. My first objective is to reduce the size of the hidden veiwstate data returned in the form. The worst culprits seem to be the data display controls, especially the DataGrid. I found that for displaying small amounts of data in a […]