ArcGIS Hub goes esri-loader: performance wins and lessons learned

Today’s ArcGIS Hub Changelog included this entry: “Sites & pages now load ~50% faster when a map is not present”. We achieved that by migrating ArcGIS Hub code base over to using esri-loader (via ember-esri-loader) to lazy load the ArcGIS API for JavaScript only when it’s needed (i.e. only on pages that have a map).

ArcGIS Hub & esri-loader logos

This was the largest such migration that I’ve taken on to date, and I learned a few things in the process that I thought are worth sharing. Although this post is about an Ember.js application, all but the last section equally apply to applications developed with other frameworks. Continue reading “ArcGIS Hub goes esri-loader: performance wins and lessons learned”

Happy holidays from the cedar team!

cedar logo - holiday style

This week we released cedar 1.0.0 in beta and updated the charts in the Hub to use the new version. This lays the ground work for us to make it simpler for ArcGIS Hub users to create and share richer visualizations of their open data.

The focus of cedar v1 is making it easier to create multi-series charts with data from one or more feature layers. Here are a few highlights of what will be changing in v1:

Take a few moments to play around with the new cedar for yourself and let us know what you think.

Cedar multi-series line chart

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